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Justin Johnson Commit Outdoors

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Justin Johnson Commit Outdoors

Justin Johnson Commit Outdoors

Justin Johnson Commit Outdoors. Well, you know, Bruce, I have always been a big hunter. I’ve grown up doing it. I’ve always been very, very active in the outdoors, and very excited and passionate about it. And I wanted to be a bigger part of the outdoor industry, the hunting industry, fishing, and be able to have an avenue to reach out to people and hopefully motivate or inspire others to get into what it is that I love in my life, and that is, you know, nature and back to basics. So I created
…he gave me the opportunity to hunt Africa with him

Commit Outdoors

Commit Outdoors

Well, you know, we are so ramped up today in our technology, our laptops, iPhones, iPads, and it’s very easy to kind of lose sight of where we came from, you know? We’re hunters and gatherers, and there’s something very ingrained in us on a spiritual level, if you will. For me, anyways, when I’m out either planting food plots or, you know, maybe I’m just stalking the woods and scouting, or if I’m sitting in my tree stand, I feel so basic, so one with nature, revived, refreshed. There’s something to that.

So I’d like to be able to inspire other people to get more involved with the outdoors, to talk to their children, to bring their children out, wives, girlfriends. Shoot 3D archery tournaments, or go fishing for the day. Because it’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of work, and it’s important, I think, for everybody’s mental health to have a little bit of basic time.

Bruce: Well, thanks for that. And you’ve mentioned in your bio and in the warm-up about the importance to you of the hunting tradition. So let’s just stay right there and kind of camp on that for a little bit, and share what that means to you, and why, and support, and to pass it on.

Justin Johnson Commit Outdoors

Well, I’ll tell you, I have been very blessed to have been raised by a dad and a grandfather who was very much in my life at a young age that were completely enamored with the outdoors, with hunting in all facets, fishing. And so I had no choice. I was going to do those things, because when I was in diapers, my dad had me on his shoulders, coon hunting, bringing the coon hounds out into the woods till 2 in the morning.

I have memories back when I was two and three and four years old that I’ll never forget, and that was because my dad, he was my, you know, I was his buddy, his hunting buddy.

he gave me the opportunity to hunt Africa with him

And so I have been hunting ever since I was very, very little. My grandfather, again, I was very blessed, and he gave me the opportunity to hunt Africa with him. I was 12 years old. And I don’t think there’s any boy that could take that opportunity and shy away from being in love with nature. It was an experience that I have a difficult time explaining. It kind of changed who I am.

I’m now doing the same for my son

And I’m now doing the same for my son , you know, giving him opportunities or experiences that maybe other kids don’t get that I feel are really important in learning life lessons like respect, appreciation for what you have in front of you, conservation, and what it takes for us as hunters to have a positive impact on maintaining wildlife and being a part of something bigger.
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