Whitetail Rendezvous Interview!

Justin Johnson Commit Outdoors Listen to the podcast here! Justin Johnson Commit Outdoors Justin Johnson Commit Outdoors. Well, you know, Bruce, I have always been a big hunter. I’ve grown up doing it. I’ve always been very, very active in the outdoors, and very excited and passionate about it. And I wanted to be a bigger part of the outdoor industry, the hunting industry, fishing, and be able to have an avenue to reach out to people and hopefully motivate or inspire others to get into what it is that I love in my life, and that is, you know, nature and back to basics. So I created …he gave me the opportunity to hunt Africa with him Commit Outdoors Well, you know, we are so ramped up today in our technology, our laptops, iPhones, iPads, and it’s very easy to kind of lose sight of where we came from, […]

Amazing Elk Bow Shot

A 13 year old boy takes a difficult shot at a monster bull. When a “quartering to” is all that’s offered, this boy capitalizes with a well placed arrow in the Carotid artery. The result is a quick ethical kill with no tracking to be done.

Story Time – The Earthquake Sail

My lifelong dream has been to fish the billfish capital of the world, Costa Rica. In August of 2012, my dream came to fruition. I arrived in San Jose and rented a small car to explore the country. The volcanoes of Arenal and Poas were absolutely breathtaking. The people there are some of the most down to earth and kind I have ever met. “Pura Vida” is a saying they live by which means to live pure. Though the trip was amazing in every aspect…I was anxious to get to the water. I arrived in Tamarindo Diria beach and got some rest before the day offshore. The weather was amazing. The forecast was perfect and my focus was solely on catching that Costa Billfish. A small skiff transported us from the beach to the 42 foot charter boat was anchored just off the reef. Our coolers were full of Ballyhoo […]

Interested in Archery? Don’t be intimidated.

My father had me on his shoulders and in the woods with him as soon as I could muddle the word “hunting.” I couldn’t thank him enough for teaching me about the woods, the importance of respect and safety, and all the nuances about shooting a bow. I have met so many people throughout my life that have the interest, but were not taught as a child about the sport. Or perhaps, they have reached out for guidance and were intimated by the overwhelming information and expense of taking on archery. This experience can be akin to a scrawny guy like me walking into a gym full of meat-heads bellowing testosterone fueled grunts. Yes, I would walk out and just accept my scrawniness. When venturing into the world of archery and bow hunting, the first question might be, “what kind of bow do I get?” The market is flooded with […]